Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You Tube

"YouTube is a video sharing website on which users can upload and share videos, and view them in MPEG-4 format." The site is easy to navigate however the sheer volume of videos on each topic can be overwhelming. To find the exact video to suit you needs can be time consuming. I try to view ones that have been viewed the most and have high star ratings. I also use the function that provides related videos.

As I have previously stated not all students at my local school would have seen the ocean. You tube opens a whole new under water world. Attached is one clip that I will be showing the year 4/5 class.

The use of this site would be fantastic in any classroom. Children would have access to videos from and about the whole world. This site is blocked across NT schools as a sensory measure. The potential to view inappropriate videos is their however isn't it our job as educators to give students the skills required to function in the real world and make judgment calls for themselves?



  1. Hi Troy,

    I was a little surprised to hear that YouTube is blocked in the NT.What a shame, it could really open up the world to your learners. Im glad to hear that you will be showing the ocean to some students for the very first time!



  2. Hi Troy,

    It is such a shame that this site is blocked. I remember when I was living in Thailand, YouTube was banned across the whole country for quite some time. Someone had posted a not nice video pertaining to the royal family in Thailand, and that is a BIG no no!! So it was banned, it was rather frustrating because it is a good source of video information.


  3. Sorry I misslead people I should have written YouTube isblocked on NT school internet. I will now go and edit my blog. This has taught me a valuable lesson really think and reread before posting on your blog.