Wednesday, August 19, 2009


WebQuest is "A well-designed WebQuest combines research-supported theories with effective use of the Internet to promote dependable instructional practices" (March, 2003)

At first glance I was unsure as exactly what a WebQuest was. After reading through and examining the examples it became clearer to me what a WebQuest is. It is a scaffolded research tool that gives the participants the chance to answer open entered questions.

I searched the bestwebquests site for ideas of how I could use this sight with ESL children I found the chocolate cookie example which is more at the level of students at my local school. I imagine the time taken to create a WebQuest would be huge. To warrant this effort this would have to be a long ongoing experience for the students. One advantage I can see would be that for those children who attend irregularly they could just pickup where they left off.


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